Kitting and Assembly

Cost-Effective Turnkey Kitting and Assembly Services

If you’re looking for cost-effective kitting and assembly services, you need a partner that you can count on. With over 40 years of experience, Warehouse-Pro has an exceptional history of accuracy and quality that is unmatched in the industry.

We understand that kitting and assembly play a vital role in your company’s fulfillment process and that your inventory is valuable. That’s why we take great care studying your kitting project and providing a competitive quote.

We can collect and package your products with ease – which means your business will spend less time worrying about manual fulfillment, and more time focusing on generating sales.

What’s Included?

From gift packs to displays, our team has the ability create custom solutions that meet your specific needs. We have the space and workforce to handle projects of all sizes and timelines, while ensuring that the end-product meets your standards. Our kitting and assembly services include:

  1. Bundles

  2. Gift Packs

  3. Shrink-Wrap

  4. Displays

  5. Blister Packs

  6. Barcoding

Your One-Stop-Shop

If your business manages a variety of individual stock pieces, kitting and assembly services from Warehouse-Pro can radically help your business. By choosing to outsource, businesses can focus on scaling efficiently and delegate the frustrating aspects of kitting and assembly to us. Whether clients need to order custom packaging, swag, marketing materials and more – we are a one-stop-shop and eliminate the hassle of using multiple vendors for a campaign.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with Warehouse-Pro to fulfill your kitting and assembly needs:

  1. Reduced Cost & Overhead

  2. Streamline Process

  3. Faster Assembly

  4. Volume Flexibility

  5. Fewer Shipping Mistakes

  6. Shorter Lead Times

  7. Model Project &
    Cost-Per-Unit Pricing

  8. Fast Same-Day Quotes

  9. Quick Turnarounds
    & Short Lead Times

  10. Client Quality Specifications
    & Creating SOP

  11. Dedicated Project Manager

  12. End-to-End Program

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  1. Perfect First. Speed Second.